About Ashdown News

INTRODUCING ASHDOWN NEWS: AshdownNews.com and its sister online publication, ArkLaTexNews.com, were many years in the making and launched on May 4, 2019. The concept was initially developed in 2015 with the idea of establishing a news organization for the ArkLaTex region including Northeast Texas, Southwest Arkansas, North Louisiana and Southeast Oklahoma.

OUR CHALLENGE: The ArkLaTex has a population of more than 1 million people, and the geographic area it covers is vast. Like Ashdown, Arkansas itself, our region is unique in many ways. In addition, our demographic and economic research showed our local communities in the Four States area were far more socially and economically integrated than we originally realized. This exciting discovery led to a critical question: How do we effectively cover a region as large and diverse as the ArkLaTex?

REACHING OUT TO THE COMMUNITY: To cover the ArkLaTex fairly and evenly, we decided to create local "hubs" to distribute news. This would allow us to produce "hyperlocal" or "very local" news for the important communities of our region, such as Ashdown. The goal was to offer a network of ArkLaTex news websites that moved across city and state boundaries to reach the entire region. An added benefit is that our effort could spur economic growth as more ArkLaTex citizens become educated about Ashdown and what it has to offer.

SOUTHWEST ARKANSAS MATTERS: Above all else, we wanted to be sure we effectively reported on Ashdown and Southwest Arkansas. This gave us one more challenge: Because our region includes four states, we needed a way to cover state issues unique to Southwest Arkansas while still retaining our original vision of incorporating the broader ArkLaTex region.