Military Times and Yahoo Sports fooled by a LIE from Jake Bequette about his military service

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United States Senate candidate Jake Bequette, who lied about his military service record on his website, has been found to have fooled several major media outlets.

Bequette and his campaign apparently never even issued a public correction after his campaign was confronted in July 2021 about "stolen valor" by conservative news outlet National File

Archived screenshots (from the Internet Archive) prove that for almost two weeks at the start of his campaign when interest in him was at its height, Jake Bequette's campaign website claimed he joined the Army in 2015.

This untruth made it seem that Bequette had served more years in the military than he did. 

The lie also covered up that Jake Bequette had chosen to move to a law school in the "swamp," which he claims to dislike: Washington, DC.

Jake Bequette misled the Army Times

The Army Times was one of the many news organizations misled by the false biography. And the news story actually identifies that the incorrect information came from Bequette's "campaign website." 

The respected publication, Military Times, was tricked as well. The published article also states that the information we now know to be false came from Jake Bequette's "campaign website."

The above screenshot (taken March 22, 2022) proves that the Army Times has continued to publish the falsehood about Jake Bequette's military service to this very day. The article has been online for more than 250 days - without being updated to the correct information. 

This begs the question: Did the Bequette campaign ever reach out and correct the lie about Jake Bequette's military service with the Army Times or Military Times? Apparently not.

When people associated with the Bequette campaign were contacted by the National File, the only answer they said they received was "No comment." Finally, another person associated with the campaign said he would send a written statement. But the news website alleged that it never received one.

More investigation is needed

All the public and media really know about Jake Bequette from the fall of 2015 to August 2017 (when he joined the military) is that he allegedly attended law school in Washington, DC at Georgetown University for some or almost all of that period.

This is somewhat scandalous - only because Jake Bequette has been telling the public from the start of the campaign that he is running against the "swamp" of Washington, DC. 

Maybe it's an inconvenient truth for Bequette, who seems to want to portray his story as one of a football hero who gave it all up for the military. 

The narrative he is trying to create is not nearly as heroic as the absolute truth: Jake Bequette decided to move to Washington, DC to attend the nation's "swampiest" law school, then dropped out, and then joined the Army.

But what else happened between 2015 and 2017? We need to know. 

NBC Sports was fooled by Jake Bequette

The news department of NBC Sports has just come off of several weeks of reporting on the Olympic Games, which had record low ratings. But we may burst its news editor's bubble even further with information that they too have been tricked by Jake Bequette's lie about his military service. 
As you can see from the photo above, the Bequette campaign's dishonesty has permeated the halls of NBC Sports, which has had an article with incorrect information since July 12, 2021. 

Did the Bequette campaign attempt to correct this? Almost certainly not.

We could tell you that Yahoo Sports and several Boston-area news and radio outlets were also fooled. But, by now, you understand that something is off here with Jake Bequette and his campaign regarding this issue.

Why should I care?

In modern times, Arkansas has never seen a relatively short, 3-year stint in the Army monetized so wholly for personal and political gain.

That makes Jake Bequette's radio silence concerning the lie about his military service even more perplexing.

Jake Bequette even bragged in a tweet that his campaign had raised $250,000 in its first week. Unfortunately, this would also be the first week there is documented evidence of Jake Bequette's false and incorrect biography.

And, by the way, were these donors ever informed of Jake Bequette's military service lie? Do they not deserve the chance to get a refund of their donations?

Truth takes a beating

The candidate's relationship with the truth has been questioned in other areas as well. 

Jake Bequette's official biography on his website still includes a lie that states "he played" on the Superbowl winning team. 

The facts: Jake Bequette did not play one second in any game during that winning season, including the Superbowl.

According to the Arkansas Times, he never even made one tackle - or even one assist - during his entire professional football career of only 8 games. "NOT ONE," the Arkansas magazine wrote in all caps. 

Bequette's boisterous and continuous claims of being an "Army Ranger" have also been questioned. There is a more extended discussion here, and there are differing viewpoints. Sen. Tom Cotton has also faced criticism on this front.

Additionally, Bequette claims to be a pro-Trump, America First candidate. But where is the proof of this before the 2020 election?

Jake Bequette did not even ask his thousands of Twitter followers to vote for the Republican candidate in 2020. And before the 2020 election, he only mentioned President Trump's name once on Twitter (that we could find via advanced search) - and that regarded an award he presented to an athlete.

Surprisingly, Jake Bequette's TV ads are funded with $1 million from Illinois billionaire Richard Uihlein. Vanity Fair calls Uihlein one of the "anti-Trump luminaries" in a March 21, 2019 article about the "anti-Trump elite." (See photo below).

An article titled "Secret anti-Trump donor revealed" published in The Hill (2/20/16) said that Bequette's billionaire benefactor was the second largest contributor to the anti-Trump "Our Principles PAC" set up by a member of Chicago's billionaire Ricketts family.

Does this sound like the America First, pro-Trump "WARRIOR" voters have been promised?

Do we even know if Jake Bequette voted in Arkansas elections during the last decade? And was he ever registered to vote in the "swamp" of Washington, DC?

We may not ever have all the answers. But the real reason Jake Bequette is probably a total phony and not really an America First candidate? 

It's the fact that when he was confronted with lying about his military service, he apparently let the "stolen valor" allegation from July 2021 hang around to this very day with only two embarrassing words from someone associated with him: "No comment."

Editor's note: This article was originally published in the Texarkana News.